Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas

Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas


•Type of Attraction: Natural

•Date Visited: 28 May 2017

•Time in visit: 2 hour

•Price paid: $10 usd pp

•Value for money: 5/5

•Rating: 18/20

•MUST Mexico: Of course, you can take a 20 minute boat tour that takes you to see the arch, and after it will leave you at Playa del amor (love beach) for the time you ask.  You have to get to Medano’s beach to find the boat tours that take you there.  Playa del amor is an unspoiled beach in the sea of cortez side.  The sea is pretty safe to get in to swim, and the view between the rocks is spectacular.  From the beach you can see also the Playa del Divorcio, that has the beach to the pacific ocean side.  Be sure just to only take a look outside, and go swimming to the sea of cortez side.  In the Love’s Beach you can do some snorkeling and find lots of fish species there, and if you are lucky some sea lions swimming right next to you.

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